10 Dresses perfect for Autumn.

Buh bye summer and hello Autumn.

#HotGirlFall has begun.

Check out these 10 dresses that's perfect for the autumn season.

1) Floral Maxi Dress

Available here - https://www.prettydame.com/product-page/floral-frill-wrap-maxi-dress

2) High Neck Midi Knitted Dress

Available here - https://www.prettydame.com/product-page/high-neck-knitted-midi-jumper-dress

3) Cold Shoulder Maxi Dress

Available here - https://www.prettydame.com/product-page/cold-shoulder-maxi-dress

4) Long Black Ribbed sleeveless dress

Available here - https://www.prettydame.com/product-page/high-neck-sleeveless-ribbed-dress

5) Peplum Dress with sparkling lace detail

Available here - https://www.prettydame.com/product-page/peplum-dress-with-sparkling-lace-detail

6) Pink warp front sparkling dress

Available here - https://www.prettydame.com/product-page/pink-wrap-front-sparkling-dress

7) Chunky Knitted navy sweater dress

Available here - https://www.prettydame.com/product-page/chunky-knitted-navy-sweater-dress

8) Black denim shirt dress

Available here - https://www.prettydame.com/product-page/black-denim-shirt-dress

9) Green lace swing dress

Available here - https://www.prettydame.com/product-page/green-lace-swing-dress

10) Cold Shoulder bell sleeve dress

Available here - https://www.prettydame.com/product-page/cold-shoulder-bell-sleeve-dress


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