5 Ways to be more eco-friendly.

Are you looking for ways to help the environment and be more eco-friendly. Here is a few things you can start doing today to reduce your environmental impact.

1) Walk, Bike, Bus. – Drive less. Opt for riding a bike or using public transport. Walking & biking is also a healthier lifestyle with numerous long term benefits.

2) Go Paperless - When it comes to bills of any kind, opt for a paperless alternative. It’s easy to keep on track of everything from our smart phones now. Save the trees, use less paper.

3) Switch it off – Turn off all electrical devices when they aren’t being used.

4) Opt for Reusable - Reusable cups and bags is the way forward. Most good coffee shops will offer a slight discount upon you providing your own cup, and save yourself at least 5p every time you visit the shops.

5) Digital – Keep a digital calendar and Opt to receive emails instead of letters in the mail to decrease paper waste.

Living a more eco-friendly life is not nearly as difficult as some people have made it out to be.

Simple actions like walking instead of driving all contributes to healthier planet.

We only have one planet and we must all do our part in protecting it.


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