Five 30-Day Challenges worth Trying in 2020

Want to get your life together? Here are 5 30-Day challenges that we think is worth trying, to add more fun, value & excitement into your life.

30 Days to a better you!

In no particular order here are 5 30-day challenges worth trying in 2020.

1) The Learn 30 New Things Challenge - Learn something new every day with this challenge. Create your own list of things you want to learn or find a pre-made list of things to learn during your 30 days on pinterest. This challenge is both fun and educational.

2) 30 Day Relationship Challenge - if you’re in a relationship that has stalled a bit, this challenge might be exactly what you need. Doing a few of these little things can revive and help save many relationships. Its not a full proof method of staying together but being nice to each other and doing fun things together, can only help!

3) Ideal Me 30 Day Challenge – You’ll really need to dig deep for this challenge. Deep within yourself that is. 30 Days on focusing on what matters most to you and becoming the best version of yourself. This is a great challenge to start off the new year!

4) 30 Day Minimalism Challenge – This challenge is pretty self-explanatory. It would be a great help for those who are interested in living a more minimalistic life. The challenge forces you to get rid of excess materialistic possession and can lead to an entire no way of thinking. This challenge requires sacrifice very few are will to make.

5) 30 Day Happiness Challenge – If you’ve been feeling a little depressed, stress or just not yourself. Why not dedicate 30 days to YOU! The 30 days happiness challenge encourages you to be nice to yourself & do things for YOU everyday. Don’t want for others to treat you with kindness and love, give that to yourself.

30 Day challenges are just that! Challenges! Not meant to be easy but to help us become the best version of ourselves. Physiologists claims that it generally takes about 28 days to change a habit! 28 days of consciously trying to make a change should lead to a permanent change.

So... 30 Days! It’s worth it. YOU’RE WORTH IT!

Will you be giving any of these 30 day challenges a try?

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