Five Reasons To Keep A Journal

I have been journaling on and off my entire life. When I was younger, I always had a journal but my entries were always sporadic, and on a “as and when” I can remember basis. Now as an adult I have found balance, and maintains a consistent daily journaling habit. Even on my busiest day, I still sit for 5 mins and write down how I’m feeling.

I actually find that on these busy days, journaling helps more than it hurts. Just stopping for a few minutes and getting your thoughts all out, can only be a beneficial.

So I wanted to share 5 reason why I think that you should also keep a journal.

All of these reasons are things I’ve either found or achieved along my journaling journey.

1) Detox – Writing it all down is one of the best forms of Mind Detox you will ever find. Keeping certain things in can be like poison to our souls, and some of us (myself including) don’t really have anyone that we can share our thoughts with, so writing it down really helps. Make your journal, your best friend.

2) Therapy – I have found my journal to be an amazing source of therapy and learning. From time to time I go back and I read through what I have written and it really helps me put things into perspective. It allows me to see where I may have gotten in my own way. It helps me reflect on the choices that I’ve made and the outcome of these choices. I find that this is valuable when trying to be your best self.

3) Stress Relief – Whenever you’re feeling stress. WRITE! Stopping for a minute, sitting in a quiet place and writing can be so therapeutic, by the time you have finished letting it all out onto the pages, you’re not even angry anymore. Don’t keep it all it, but also don’t release it off onto others.

4) Memories – Memories are important! As we age we tend to get more and more forgetful. So many things we may have done throughout our lives, might soon become a distant memory. How amazing would it be at the age of 50 to read your journal from when you were 30? Maybe there could be stuff you had written that you could share with your children, which can help them make their best life choices.

I read through my journal from when I was 15 recently and so many things that was written I had completely already forgotten, but the memories all came flooding back. I could not stop smiling, even during the sad parts. Not smiling at my words, but at the fact of just how far I’ve come & how much I have grown…. Which leads me to my next point!

5) Self-improvement – Reading through my journal helped me see how much I was stuck in a destructive cycle, and how the choices I had made, be it in Love or Life, had directly impacted the woman that I am today and the way in which I currently deal with problems.

Seeing the errors of your ways, is beneficial. If we don’t know where we’ve went wrong, then we won’t be able to make changes. Accessing myself helped me escape a toxic relationship

Start journaling today!

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